Dexter + Chaney

POB 27146
Seattle, WA 98165-1546

Phone: View Phone Number800-875-1400

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Company Description:

At Dexter + Chaney, we began developing software for the construction industry in 1981. Today, Spectrum® Construction Software serves the accounting and operational management needs of thousands of contractors across the U.S. and Canada. As a privately held company with no external investment, Dexter + Chaney is accountable to only one group of people – our customers.


 As a Dexter + Chaney customer, you can expect responsive support from professionals who are familiar with both our software and the challenges of managing a construction business. You can also expect regular updates to your software that include significant feature enhancements. Our percentage investment in R&D is among the highest in the entire software industry. As a Spectrum user, you will always be using software designed for the latest computing and mobile technologies.

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Call:       (800) 875-1400


Product Information:
Spectrum® Construction Software is a web-based, mobile-friendly solution for all your business and operational management needs. A completely integrated enterprise software package, Spectrum connects you to your business and project information, and helps you communicate, collaborate, and share with everyone on your team. Cloud technology and integrated mobile apps put the power of Spectrum in your hands wherever work takes you. Build a Spectrum solution that suites your specific needs by choo

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